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NRSB certification is formal recognition of professional excellence based on qualifications, high ethical standards, and continuing education in radon services.

In today’s competitive environment, industry training providers and industry professionals need to be recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

We believe that the quality of the nation’s radon programs depends upon confidence in the integrity of its’ certification process. The National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) stands alone in its’ ability to provide this confidence.

The NRSB provides recognizable conformance to quality and confidence in the radon industry.

Providing Certification Services for Radon Professionals

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Approved Courses
Approved Courses

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New & Noteworthy

New Approved Device: Sun Nuclear 1028-XP
New Approved Device: Sun Nuclear 1028-XP
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Alpha-Track Testing
Alpha-Track Testing
Alpha-Track Testing – Explained In the radon industry there are only a handful of ways to test for radon. Passive and active style devices include, electret ion chambers, liquid scintillation,…
NRSB attended two conferences in June 2019
NRSB attended two conferences in June 2019
June was a busy month! It was a hot start to the summer, literally and figuratively. June was filled with two conferences, meeting many new people and ringing in the…