Andreas C. George

Board of Directors

Mr. George has 55 years experience related to radiation activities. He conducted studies in uranium mines from 1967-1972 to determine the exposure conditions of the miners and estimate their radon and radon decay product exposure. He supervised the Department of Energy Radon Calibration Chamber for North America from 1964 through 1996. He conducted the first comprehensive indoor radon study in the US (1975-1978). Mr. George’s professional experience includes 3 years in the New York City Office of Radiation Control and 33 years with Environmental Measurements Laboratory, US Department of Energy, US Energy Research and Development Administration and US Atomic Energy Commission.

He is a Member and a Fellow of the Health Physics Society, a Member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and a member of AARST and a certified Radon Specialist. In 1987 Mr. George received the Distinguished Service Medal from the Secretary of Energy for Meritorious Service. Mr. George has a BS degree in Biology from Brooklyn College, an MS degree in Civil Engineering (Air Pollution) from City College, NY and an MS in Biological and Biophysical Science from Hunter College with 30 Graduate College Hours in Radiation Physics, Radiation Biology, and Health Physics. Mr. George has published 96 papers on radiation (most of which were on radon), and has trained many radon measurement technicians and specialists. He has presented numerous papers at national and international meetings, and has often been invited as keynote speaker.

He has published a non-fiction book December 2005 “In The Footsteps of SAINT NICHOLAS.” And a biographical book “The adventures of a Radon Ranger”.