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The cost for radon measurement specialists, radon measurement technicians, and radon mitigation specialists certification is $100.00 for one year or $160.00 for two years.

The cost for laboratory accrediation is $100.00 for one year or $160.00 for two years.

The cost for Accredited Secondary Chamber application approval fee is $550.00 for initial certification or $300.00 annual fee.

The cost for Accredited Tertiary Radon Chamber application approval fee is $350 for initial certification or $200.00 annual fee.

The cost for Measurement Device Evaluation fee is $1,000.00 plus fees incurred for performance testing of new devices.

No. The NRSB will not offer any training, but will certify training courses and provide lists of approved course providers to applicants. All EPA recognized training courses will be recognized for the purpose of NRSB certification and new courses by qualified trainers will be encouraged. Fees will be set by the training providers.

Yes, the NRSB has developed exams for radon measurement technicians, radon measurement specialists and radon remediation specialists. The guidance documents and course curriculum are posted on the NRSB website,

Because the National Radon Safety Board offers exams compiled by radon professionals on a volunteer basis, there are no charges or royalties paid for the exams themselves. A nominal processing fee is charged for administration of the exam, and a proctoring fee may be required by the exam proctor (which would be set by the proctor and would vary in cost).

The National Radon Safety Board is a bona fide non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. It maintains no office, has no office overhead, pays no staff salaries, and receives no commissions for its exams or training. The NRSB contracts with an independent administrative service provider (i.e., a service provider with no ties to the NRSB or any of its Directors) for the processing of inquiries, certification applications and the oversight or exams. This assures applicants of prompt and professional service.

The administrative service provider receives 85% of all certification fees. The NRSB retains 15% of the fees for necessary expenses such as corporate fees, accounting, and insurance.

The following is a sample EPA Quality Assurance Program Guidance document in PDF (download here)

Photo identification cards will be provided to applicants who request them at a fee of $8.00 each

Of course! The purpose of the NRSB is to provide an assurance to the public that it can trust its radon service providers. The NRSB logo is free for use by anyone certified, accredited, or approved by the National Radon Safety Board.

The NRSB is neither a trade association for the radon industry nor a constituent outreach group for health policy. The NRSB provides assurance that radon service providers meet high standards of technical expertise and professionalism. The NRSB provides independent third party certification.

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