Our Team

Board of Directors

Nancy Bredhoff, MBA
President and Member of the Board of Directors Ms. Bredhoff has been active in the radon industry since 1985 when the Radon Testing Corporation of American (RTCA) was incorporated. Nancy was one of the founders of RTCA and has served as President from 1989 to present.
William Bell
Board of Directors
Bill Bell is retired from the Massachusetts Radiation Control Program where he managed the state's  Radon Unit. He has extensive experience in radon testing and mitigation and regularly provided consultations and technical assistance to consumers and the radon industry, as well as local, state, and federal agencies.
Andreas C. George
Board of Directors
Mr. George has 55 years experience related to radiation activities. He conducted studies in uranium mines from 1967-1972 to determine the exposure conditions of the miners and estimate their radon and radon decay product exposure.
Paul Houle, PhD
Board of Directors
Dr. Houle is a Professor Emeritus from East Stroudsburg University having taught in the Physics Department for 32 years, having chaired the department for 17 years and continues to be actively engaged in radon research.
Stephen Shefsky
Board of Directors
Mr. Shefsky is a Senior Research Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton Analyzers.
Lorin Stieff
Board of Directors
Lorin is the Vice President of Rad Elec, where he has worked for the past 10 years. During this time he was Dr. Payasada Kotrappa's primary research assistant for ongoing electret ion chamber research, and has presented several of these papers at previous AARST symposiums.
Raymond H. Johnson, JR. CHP, PE
Past President
Past President As founding President of the National Radon Safety Board, Ray Johnson brought to the NRSB a long and distinguished career as a health physicist, public servant and a professional in radon measurement, quality assurance, and training.