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Exam Construction and Security

The construction and security of National Radon Safety Board exams is based on established procedures for professional examinations and involves several layers of security.

First; exams are constructed by panels of professionals and are constructed solely and specifically for use by the NRSB in its certification activities. They are the property of the National Radon Safety Board which maintains complete control of all examination questions and materials. Neither fees nor royalties are paid for construction of exams and copyright is maintained solely by the NRSB.

Secondly; all exams are constructed through a process of cross-review so that all questions are subject to blind peer review of content and construction, and to final review to provide a balanced range of questions in all exams.

Thirdly; all exams are administered and graded by the NRSB administrative service provider. No one involved in the construction of the exam or the submission of exam questions is involved in any way in the administration or grading of the exams.

All exam booklets shall be identified with serial numbers. Exam materials, including computer disks, will be stored in a secure location in the office of the exam administrator (administrative service provider).

Exams will be shipped by Fed Ex to the approved exam proctor. The proctor will be required to check all materials against the inventory control sheet and initial the inventory control sheet. The Proctor is the individual who oversees the administration of the exam, ensures the security of the exams, and supervises the behavior of candidates during the examination. The Proctor is responsible for the administration of the examination, and that it is conducted in strict compliance with the regulations outlined in these instructions.

The Proctor must inform examinees of rules and guidelines to be followed during the exam. Proctors may not be an instructor of the course for which the exam is administered, nor may a Proctor be an immediate supervisor or employer, or immediate relative, of an examinee.

Who May Proctor the Exam

A member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator of any accredited University. The student must submit a page from the institution’s directory or catalog that lists not only the proctor’s name and title, but also the institution’s name. Photocopies are acceptable. A high school superintendent; supervising principal; principal; guidance counselor or an Intermediate Unit administrator; An elementary or high school teacher provided you submit a letter on official letterhead from the teacher’s principal or superintendent verifying the teacher’s position. A photocopy of the teacher’s certification is not sufficient.

All exam participants shall sign in and present one photo ID to the proctor. Exams administered to less than twenty people may be administered by a single proctor; exams administered to twenty or more people at the same time must be proctored by two people, at least one of whom is unaffiliated with the trainees. At least one of these two individuals must remain in the room at all times with the examinee.

Once an individual has completed the exam, he or she must return the exam booklet and answer sheet to the proctor and the proctor must verify the return of both the exam booklet and answer sheet. All materials are returned to the exam administrator using the shipping materials provided with the exam package.

After an exam is scored by the exam administrator, a validity check is performed. This validity check includes determining the number of participants that answered each question correctly. Any question which is answered incorrectly by more than 50% of the participants is returned to the NRSB for review. If a question is determined to be invalid it is voided from the exam and the final score recalculated.

Each exam participant with an exam score of 70% or higher is mailed an exam score letter indicating exam passage. All exam participants with an exam score below 70% will receive a letter informing them of their exam score and information on the NRSB policy on re-examination.

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